Product Information

Product Quality Differences

When discussing product information, many people are not completely up to speed on the terms of t-shirts that we use such as "First Quality," "Irregulars," and "Seconds." Learn about the differences here, and if you still have questions, feel free to contact us using the contact page!

What is a First Quality shirt?

This category of clothing contains items that are completely flawless. First quality apparel may still have their original UPC stickers and branding just as you would find them in a department store. These are shirts that are of the highest quality, but also those that will, understandably, cost the most for the consumer.

What about an Irregular shirt?

Irregular shirts are what we here at Raisin Textiles primarily deal in. When you buy shirts from us, you are more than likely receiving irregulars unless you have specifically noted otherwise. What does it mean, though? An irregular shirt is clothing or other items that are considered not first-quality or “slightly irregular” by the manufacturer. This can be for a myriad of reasons such as fabric defects, construction imperfections, slight dye discrepancies, slight sizing issues, or many other reasons. However, here at Raisin Textiles, our staff looks through each and every piece that is considered irregular to inspect for visible flaws. If an item is very visibly flawed, we drop those pieces into the category below known as "Seconds." If an item has no major noticeable flaws, we sell them to you as a hand-graded irregular at an amazing price. Most all of the time, irregular t-shirts will have their tags either cut in half vertically or marked with a very light marker (this is done by the manufacturer).

Lastly, what is a second-quality shirt?

Second-quality, or Seconds as we call them here at Raisin Textiles. These are shirts that contain clearly visible defects such as holes, rips, stains, seam puckering, mis-stitching, and many other flaws. If any shirt is found with a defect such as this during our grading process, we immediately move it into seconds. The tags on these are usually cut in half horizontally or all together marked IR. These items are packed up into boxes of 6 dozen and are sold for an extremely low price of $8 per dozen. This represents our best deal, but the shirts are, again, noticeably flawed.