Product Information

Product Quality Differences

When discussing product information many different terms are used to identify product quality. 

Common terms used in the industry are First Quality, Irregulars and Seconds.  Learn about the differences here, and if you still have questions please contact us to learn more. 

The majority of t-shirts, fleece and textile products sold by Raisin Textiles are Mill Graded Irregulars and first quality close outs.  We volume purchase products from the manufacture at discount pricing and pass the savings onto our customers. 


What is a First Quality product?

This category of clothing contains items that meet the manufacturers quality standard regarding color, size, sewing, etc.   These products are of the highest quality, but understandably, cost the most for the consumer. 


What is an Irregular (IRR) product?

An irregular product is clothing or other items that are considered not First-Quality or “slightly irregular” by the manufacturer.  Imperfections such as offset tags, stich puckers and color dye variations may be present.  Most times these issues are not easily noticable. 


What is a Second-Quality product?

Second-Quality, or “Seconds” are products that contain clearly visible defects such as holes, rips, stains or other flaws.