Product Descriptions

Differences between quality of products

- 1st Quality are products that have zero imperfections. These are graded by the mills and are labeled as 1st Quality garments. These will have a clean tag, no tear.

- 1st Quality MGL(Marginals) are first quality garments that are graded by the mills and may have a slight color varience. These have clean tags and are 1st quality garments. 

- IRRs (Irregulars) are products that may have a defect within the garment. Sometimes this defect is noticeable and sometimes it is not. Defects can include: stitch, dye, small stains, small pin holes. The tag will have a black mark or cut down the center of the tag. 

- 3rds (thirds) are products that have large noticeable irregularities. These may contain large holes, large stains, and the tags will be cut sideways. 


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